21 Day Primal Challenge

Author: Morgan Williams

Type: Preparation Phase

Level: Any

Length: 3 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

The 21 Day Primal Challenge is the ultimate way to kick start your journey to becoming healthier, fitter and most certainly happier! With a combination of daily tasks that encourage you to eat better, exercise better and reduce stress in your life it won't be long before you are feeling the benefits of this proven programme! 

 It doesn't matter if you are simply looking to improve your health and shed a few pounds or if you are a multiple ironman finisher who is looking for the next performance gain this plan will work for you. Whilst it often flies in the face of conventional wisdom but is backed by scientific research. Not only that though we know it works because we've done it and thrived from the experience! Fancy dropping 12kg in weight? Fancy a 30 min PB over the half iron distance triathlon? These are just some of the benefits we've experienced! 

Join us on this journey, 

Morgan & Bev

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