Health & Lifestyle Coaching 

It doesn't matter if you are just looking to live a healthier life or if you are training for an endurance challenge like the open water swimming or even an ironman triathlon, your diet, lifestyle and how you exercise has a huge impact. Busy lives and lack of knowledge often lead to you not truly expressing your true level of ability. We can help you optimise your health, lifestyle & exercise to ensure you maximise your performance in all aspects of your life. 

We are Primal Health Coach Certified. We know this programme works as we've tested it ourselves. Coach Morg has used this programme to regain his health after suffering heart failure! He's dropped over 12kg in weight, reduced his cholesterol to 2.9 and amazed his doctors to be back training and competing in better health than ever! 

Some of our other coaches and athletes have had great success too! How does going 30 minutes quicker over the half Ironman triathlon distance sound? Sounds even better when it was achieved with out a drop of sports fuel or gels!! 

Primal Works! Join us! 


We have a whole host of advice and tools to help you eat better! What you eat has a huge impact on how you look, feel and perform. As well as advice & information we also have over 100 tasty, easy to make recipes for you to access. 


As well as helping you optimise your exercise & training we have lots of great tips and advice on how to reduce stress in your life. Sadly many of us live in an almost permanent state of stress. This can lead to serious health issues even for "healthy" athletes!? 

How to get involved

We've created some great ways to join our Primal Health revolution

Take the 21 day challenge!
We've created a great fun plan to help you try out going Primal! Each day we set you little challenges around diet, lifestyle & exercise to kick start a better you! Get your daily challenges sent direct to your inbox


Join our online Tribe!
We have a huge database of resources that you can access to help you live an awesome life! Workouts, plans, recipes, articles & many more resources to help you live awesome! Need more personal input? Why not be personally coached by us? 


Get personally coached by us!
Why not join us in person (yes face to face!) at either one of our training sessions, workshops or training camps. All our sessions are based around you optimising your health & performance.